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Obagi® manufactures one of the most diverse lines of skin care products on the market. Their motto is “Obagi® for life,” because they have products for people of all ages. These items are only available at select medical clinics such as the office of CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS.

What Skin Conditions Can Obagi® Products Help?

There are products designed to help with every skin condition ranging from acne to deep wrinkles. Some products are especially designed to help with wrinkles around the eyes, while others help exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Some customers might only need one Obagi® product, while others require a combination of products. A skin care professional who is familiar with this product care line can recommend the right ones for each person to use.

Is Obagi® Available In Stores?

No, Obagi® contains prescription-strength ingredients that are only available from a licensed physician. Individuals should be aware that Obagi® products sold in retail stores or online, may not be authentic Obagi® products. CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS is an authorized distributor of Obagi® skin care products in the Cary and Raleigh area.

What Type Of Products Are Available?

Some of the Obagi® products offered in our office include serums designed to help reduce acne and eliminate wrinkles. CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS also carries a variety of peels that will help her patients exfoliate dead skin cells. Some creams are designed for underneath the eyes or the chest area, while still others prevent sunburn and help increase eyelash length.

Are There Any Special Considerations?

Some patients may become more sensitive to sunlight when using certain products. As a result, those who are undergoing an Obagi® skin care regimen should use extra precautions when they are outdoors for extended periods. Pregnant women should consult with a physician before using any of these products. Those with extremely sensitive skin should discuss this fact with their doctor before beginning a treatment program. Allergies can develop at any time, so if skin suddenly becomes swollen or rash-like, patients should discontinue use and consult with a physician.

With their wide variety of products, Obagi® can help anyone achieve the glowing complexion of their dreams. Our patients are eligible to participate in the Obagi® Premier Points® program to our patients.  Be sure to follow the instructions to download the app and use it at checkout when you purchase Obagi® products.  It is FREE to join and you will earn FREE products!