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IPL Photofacial

CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS offers IPL Photofacial treatments for patients in Cary, Raleigh, the surrounding areas of North Carolina, and across the nation to improve their appearance and confidence. IPL Photofacial is a technology used to improve various skin imperfections such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation, freckles, broken capillaries, birthmarks and rosacea.  For many of these skin conditions IPL is the best modality to reduce the appearance of brown and red colors in the epidermis and upper layers of the dermis without damaging the integrity of the skin.  Photofacial is a term used for IPL on the face.

How does it work?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a fast, effective, innovative procedure to rejuvenate the skin.  Damage that has occurred from natural aging and environmental factors, such as sun exposure, can dramatically be improved with a series of IPL treatments.

CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS has introduced a new IPL platform from Lumenis®. The new M22™ device incorporates a revolutionary new technology, OPT™ (Optimal Pulse Technology), which performs a more gentle, quick and comfortable, yet extremely effective IPL procedure. The M22™ enables our clinicians to customize the treatment according to your skin type and desired results, with maximum safety. This device has been presented in over 80 peer reviewed papers showing its efficacy and safety. Light pulses penetrate the tissue and create heat, targeting the skin imperfections in a controlled manner. The body’s natural process then removes the treated tissue, while collagen and elastin fiber stimulation occurs, resulting in a visible improvement in the skin tone and overall appearance.

What areas can be treated with IPL?

The face, chest, neck, hands and other areas of sun exposed skin may be treated depending on the skin condition.

When will I see results?

The Lumenis® IPL Photofacial treatment works with your skin to remove imperfections and stimulate collagen and elastin fiber production over a sequence of treatments typically ranging from 3-6 treatments at 3-4 week intervals.  It is also recommended that you have maintenance treatments as needed to maintain your results and prevent skin imperfections from recurring. Each session only lasts
about 20 minutes, but with each treatment, the signs of youthfulness begin to return to the patients’ skin.

What can I expect after treatment?

Immediately following the treatment, you may experience mild redness, depending on your customized treatment settings.  The redness generally disappears within a few hours.  Some mild swelling may occur within the first two days as the tissues heal themselves and the pigmented areas tend to get darker as they prepare to flake off the skin in the next 5-7 days.  In most cases, mineral makeup may be immediately applied, and daily activities may be resumed the very same day.  It is highly advised that the patient stay out of direct sunlight and that a sunblock be worn daily.

IPL Photofacial is one of many facial rejuvenating laser treatments offered by CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS. A consultation with our clinical staff can determine which of our laser treatments is best suited to achieve your aesthetic goals. A more youthful facial appearance can make you look as young and healthy as you feel!