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Facial aging is a complicated process involving changes to the skin, volume loss of the soft tissues of the face, descent of the soft tissues of the face, and volume reduction of the facial bones. Trauma can similarly cause changes in the face. Fortunately, advancements in facial plastic surgery techniques and technology have allowed corrective procedures to become less invasive and more precise. Facial surgery is one of the many options available to help revive and refresh our appearance, and ultimately improve function and self-esteem.

There are many different kinds of facial surgery. Some are purely cosmetic and are for the purpose of improving appearance, while others might be performed to restore or correct the function of a particular part of the face.

CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS  offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures for facial rejuvenation for patients in Cary, Raleigh, the surrounding areas of North Carolina, and across the nation. The face is the most visible part of the body. Facial aging follows a defined pattern and is progressive over time for both men and women. With current techniques and advancements in technology, there are more options than ever for addressing the concerns of facial aging.

We understand the decision for facial cosmetic surgery is not one that can be made lightly; therefore, we offer individualized consultations with our surgeons. Before and After photos are available for review during the surgical consultation, in our Cary, NC office. Patients can expect a supportive, pleasant environment with complete privacy and confidentiality.

Facial cosmetic surgery is a common solution for both men and women to reverse the signs of aging to REjuvenate  the face. Looking as young as you feel is important for liking what you see in the mirror, which affects mood and self-confidence. A surgical consultation will help you discover your options to “turn back the clock” with natural looking results!