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VI Peel

Vitality Institute provides advanced skin care products to help remove discoloration, reduce wrinkles and eliminate acne. Dr. Cynthia M. Gregg’s office provides VI Peels for patients in Cary, Raleigh, the surrounding areas of North Carolina, and across the country.

What Is A VI Peel?

A VI peel is intended to provide extraordinary improvement after just one treatment. There are VI peels to suit virtually every skin type and treat nearly any skin problem. These products are developed with a unique blend of ingredients that work to produce a healthy and glowing complexion. Improvement can be seen shortly after a treatment, but full results are noticeable in about a week. Best of all, no preparation is required before having a VI peel performed.

What Is Precision Plus Booster?

Those who have a great deal of discoloration present may want to use the Precision Plus booster along with a VI peel. This booster contains retinoic acid to increase skin peeling along with Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. It will also help unclog pores and stimulate elastin and collagen production in the deep layers of the skin.

What Is A VI Peel For Acne?

Vitality Institute has a peel especially for treating acne that contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and Vitamin C. When used in conjunction with one another, these ingredients help unclog pores, rQemove toxins, dry up excess oils and kill bacteria. These peels also contain kojic acid, which helps lighten any redness caused by acne and reduce the appearance of scars.

What to Expect with a VI Peel

VI peels are performed in Dr. Cynthia M. Gregg’s office. Initially the patient’s skin is thoroughly cleansed and dried, so there is no dirt and oil that can affect the product’s ability to work. The peel is then applied, and then the patient will be observed for 30 minutes to make sure there are no complications. The patient will then leave the office and is asked to wash the solution off after about 5 hours and then instructed to use the supplied post-peel kit to help manage the skin at home.

When the peel is being applied, there may be some initial numbness and tingling, which typically subsides after a few minutes. The skin will continue to peel for two or three days after a treatment. The skin might also have an unusual color shortly after a peel. It might appear to be brown, red or yellow, but this will resolve quickly.

Are There Any Other Considerations?

Shortly after having a VI peel, patients may be extremely sensitive to sunlight. For this reason, outdoor activity should be limited for a few days. It’s best not to wear any makeup shortly after a peel so that skin can recover naturally. A gentle moisturizer can help alleviate any itchiness and ensure the normal pH balance of the skin is maintained.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to have younger-looking skin is by having a VI peel. Those who are interested in this relatively simple procedure should call our office at 919-297-0097 to schedule an appointment.