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Scientists at DefenAge™ have identified how to unlock the key to youthful skin with powerful peptides called Age-Repair Defensins™. Paradigm-shifting DefenAge™ is the FIRST and ONLY 4th generation skin care featuring this stand-alone breakthrough NATURAL mechanism of action. Patent-pending and exclusively available in DefenAge™.

The skin is equipped with a primitive immune system. When a disruption occurs, a stem cell located in the hair follicle goes into a cycle of self-renewal, triggered by defensins™, naturally occurring messenger peptides. Defensins™ trigger the production of an abundance of keratinocytes. These keratinocytes migrate to the top, to form the skin’s barrier, protecting the skin against external aggression, preventing moisture loss and ensuring optimal skin health.

The DefensAge™ product line consist of: 2-minute reveal masque, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream and 8-in-1 Bioserum. These products, incorporating the age-repair Defensins™ are and age-correcting discovery transported in a special liposome system that create an ideal bio-environment where skin rejuvenates its appearance naturally and effectively. DefensAge™ products are used in conjunction with procedures such as microneedling and also with other skincare lines.