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Laser Hair Removal

CYNTHIA GREGG MD, FACE & BODY SPECIALISTS provides laser hair removal for patients in Cary, Raleigh, the surrounding areas of North Carolina, and across the nation.

Our practice has selected the Lumenis® LightSheer® DESIRE™ system for our laser hair removal procedures. The DESIRE™ is the most advanced laser hair removal system in the Lumenis® portfolio of products. The DESIRE™ integrates two state-of-the-art technologies in one incredible laser. To deliver unsurpassed clinical results, the LightSheer® DESIRE™ uses the industry’s ‘Gold Standard’ 805 nm diode laser empowered by: Vacuum Assisted High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™) and ChillTip™ Technology. The ChillTip™ cools the skin as the treatment is being performed, which provides increased safety and comfort during the treatment. The HIT™ uses a vacuum system to improve the efficacy and speed with which the laser removes hair.

The DESIRE™ provides a faster and more comfortable hair removal experience for our patients and is specifically designed to work well on both large and small areas. This technology has reduced the time for a hair removal session by 75% in most cases. Our patients report that this is the most comfortable laser hair removal they have experienced.

For permanent hair reduction for men and women, the LightSheer® DESIRE™ is truly the safest and most effective laser available.

If you have unwanted body hair and are seeking a solution for permanent reduction the LightSheer® DESIRE™ is the answer. Number of treatments is determined by the type and location of the hair you wish to remove.

Call to schedule an appointment in our conveniently located Cary office to learn more about this exceptional laser hair removal treatment.