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Whether individuals are born with body issues that cause a lack of confidence, they occur as one ages, gain or lose weight or they are simply dissatisfied with certain areas of their bodies, aesthetic body surgery performed by a board certified plastic surgeon can help to restore confidence and remedy body image concerns. Many body image concerns that can be enhanced by cosmetic surgery, and in the past decade, the techniques for performing these surgeries along with the increase in numbers of options have made cosmetic surgery a very common choice.

As reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of plastic surgical procedures continues to climb for both men and women. The “mommy makeover” has brought back confidence to many women, of various ages, after having children. Body contouring by liposuction has become increasingly popular for men and women of all ages. Male breast reduction, for gynecomastia, has increased by 30% in the past five years.

There are many different surgical options for the body. Dr. Cindy Wu, aesthetic fellowship trained body surgeon provides a wide range of cosmetic body surgeries for both men and women to build confidence and renew a positive body image for her patients in Cary, Raleigh, the surrounding areas of North Carolina, and across the nation.

Cosmetic body procedures are a popular way to REnew one’s confidence in their appearance. Before and After photos are available for review during the surgical consultation, in our Cary, NC office. Meet with Dr. Cindy Wu to discuss your concerns and the various options to achieve your body image goals!